Implemented by TechnoServe

NovembER 8, 2018

Montebello Indy Maputo CongresS HOTEL



Over the past few years, the Mozambican soybean industry has witnessed tremendous increases in production, positively impacting thousands of rural, smallholder farmers who produce soybean. This growth is expected to continue, thus making soybean an increasingly more important crop for the Mozambican economy. One important factor contributing to this growth has been an increase in the supply of soy seed, partially due to adoption of better farming practices around seed production as well as access to mechanization and improved farming equipment on the part of small, commercial farmers.


TechnoServe organized a half-day conference in the morning of November 8, 2018 as part of the official close-out of its Soy Seed Multiplication program funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Research Project on Post-harvest Losses in the Soybean Value Chain funded by AGRA in Manica, Zambézia and Nampula provinces.


This conference brought together various actors from the Mozambican soybean industry, including producers, processors, input providers, donors, NGOs and the public sector to share experiences and discuss opportunities for future investments and collaboration that can have lasting impacts on the overall growth and reduction in poverty in Mozambique. The event consisted of two sessions: 1.) Developing a Sustainable Soybean Industry in Mozambique; and 2.) Opportunities for the Small Commercial Farmer model as a mechanism for rural development.



The Soy Value Chain in Mozambique: Current analysis and future opportunities

Presenter: Paulo Cunha, TechnoServe Moçambique



What have been and/or will be the key drivers and challenges to growth in the soy industry?

  • Jane Grob, TechnoServe Moçambique (moderadora)

  • Sousa Pinto, BCI

  • Vasco Nunes, IFC e antigo Cargil

  • Susana Luciano, Irvines



Small Commercial Farmer Model as a Mechanism for Rural Development


Presenter: Narciso Rodrigues, TechnoServe Moçambique


Has the SCF model succeeded in spurring rural development for smallholder farmers? How does it compare to other models?​

  • Paulo Cunha, TechnoServe Moçambique (moderador)

  • Armando Catxava, COPAZA

  • Ernesto Seichene, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

  • Carlos Malita, SEMEAR

  • António Manjate, Companhia do Zembe